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In 2010, we surveyed more than 4,000 Chicago-area residents to determine what actions the general public takes as a result of the continued air quality educational efforts of programs like ours. The survey results revealed the following:

  • 84.5 percent use compact fluorescent light bulbs in at least five light fixtures in home.
  • 80.3 percent unplug electronics/chargers when not in use.
  • 78.7 percent bring lunch instead of going out to reduce congestion/emissions if driving to work.
  • 77.4 percent consolidate errands to make fewer trips and run them after 7pm.
  • 75.6 percent use two or more green cleaning products.
  • 74.9 percent use a programmable thermostat.
  • 67.8 percent switched to an ENERGY STAR refrigerator.
  • 58.9 percent use a charcoal chimney or gas grill instead of using lighter fluid.
  • 40.4 percent take public transit or RideShare at least five times per week.
  • 36.3 percent use electric, instead of gas-powered, lawn equipment.
  • 33.5 percent check daily air quality forecast at least five times a week.
  • 31.8 percent bike or walk to work or school at least five times per week.

Each year, Illinois Partners for Clean Air has a positive impact on air quality. The following information provides a breakdown of the estimated emission reductions from the activities encouraged through our programs.

Estimated emission reductions for actions taken

  • 7.43 tons/day: switching to electric lawn equipment
  • 6.68 tons/day: using public transit or RideShare
  • 6.51 tons/day: limiting driving, reducing trips
  • 6.30 tons/day: using green household products
  • 2.63 tons/day: walking or biking to work/school
  • 1.23 tons/day: using charcoal chimney or gas grill vs. lighter fluid
  • 0.83 tons/day: conserving energy
  • 31.61 tons/day: estimated reductions