What our members are saying

“The strategies that our coalition members put into place vary significantly, but each action taken reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere.  There are other benefits that arise from being part of this effort. This initiative brings about higher employee morale, a measurable commitment to our environmental stewardship program, and a collective sense that we are playing an active role in the process.” 
Miguel Alba, Director of Public Affairs, Jewel-Osco

"Partners for Clean Air and the Air Pollution Action Day program help us reach people, through both the news media and through employers, who really need critical air quality information on bad air days. When people with lung disease are made aware of the danger, they can take precautions like reducing physical activities on those days and making sure they have their asthma medication on hand. Getting this information out in the open keeps countless Chicagoans out of doctor's offices, emergency rooms, and hospitals."
Brian Urbaszewski, Director, Environmental Health Programs, Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago

"Motorola has been a proud member of Partners for Clean Air throughout its 15-year history. This dedicated alliance of businesses demonstrates commitment to improving air quality and human health by supporting public education outreach campaigns and by taking actions to reduce air pollution. In addition to program sponsorship, Motorola does its part by informing employees when Air Pollution Action Days (APAD) are declared and educating them on actions they can take to protect their health and to reduce air pollution. On APADs, Motorola sites do such things as deferring mowing and projects involving paints and solvents, and taking steps to reduce energy use. Partners for Clean Air offers an excellent opportunity to empower the workforce to be good stewards of the environment and provides an opportunity for businesses to align efforts with other Partners to make a positive impact on the environment." 
Jodi Shapiro, Vice President, Environment, Health and Safety, Motorola

“As the owner of large industrial facilities, we have found that Partners for Clean Air helps us live up to our commitment to environmental responsibility. Our involvement allows us to connect with like-minded companies and organizations and partner with them to educate our own employees, other businesses and the public on ways each of us can contribute to cleaner air.” 
Douglas McFarlan, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs & Communications, Midwest Generation

“We have worked with so many different kinds of organizations that are engaged in so many different activities. Quite a few of our members have come up with unique ways to reduce emissions and improve air quality. They each know best what they can do on a day-to-day basis to contribute to this important effort.”
David Inman, Project Manager, Building Energy Technologies Curriculum Project, Environmental Technology Program, E.W. Inman/Wright College