How to join

Are you ready to take your organization’s environmental commitment to the next level?  Joining Illinois Partners for Clean Air is simple and there are many benefits.

Download Partners for Clean Air Member Planning Packet

Complete and email to or via fax to 217.782.2465.

As a member, you will:

  • Connect with local businesses and organizations dedicated to improving the environment.
  • Receive invitations to networking events, including Illinois Partners for Clean Air member events.
  • Receive recognition through this website.
  • Receive a list of voluntary actions you and your organization can implement to help reduce ozone, particulate matter and other key pollutants.
  • Get advance notification via email when an Air Pollution Action Day is forecast so you can implement your Air Pollution Action Day Plan and encourage employees to take voluntary actions to lessen negative impacts on air quality.
  • Have access to informational materials, such as posters and bookmarks that can be used to educate employees about air quality issues.
  • Receive support from a Steering Committee member in planning your Action Plan.