As a nonprofit coalition dedicated to bringing cleaner air to the Chicago metropolitan area, Partners for Clean Air leads a variety of programs providing organizations -- especially employers -- with information and tools to help them understand how they can take action to reduce air pollution on a local level.

Each member organization has pledged to take actions year-round to help reduce air pollution and to take further actions on Air Pollution Action Days (when air quality is at its worst) including notifying employees when these days are declared.

In addition to working with employers, the coalition also implements a number of educational programs throughout the Chicago area to inform businesses and individuals about the impact of and ways to reduce air pollution.  Those programs include:

Illinois Air Quality Flag Program

To help your community be aware of daily air quality conditions, Illinois Partners for Clean Air launched the Illinois Air Quality Flag Program on April 30, 2013.  Modeled after the U.S. EPA School Flag Program, participating organizations will raise a colored flag each day that corresponds to their local air quality forecast according to the national Air Quality Index. Each different flag color signals the level of air pollution for that day.


Air Pollution Action Days

Air quality affects how we live and breathe. Like the weather, it can change from day to day. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a color-coded system that classifies air quality from Good to Hazardous. Air Pollution Action Day Alerts are issued when air quality levels over a large area are expected to reach the category Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups, or Orange on the AQI, for multiple days.

The air quality standards were recently tightened, therefore we may see more days in the yellow/orange category this summer.

 Breathe Easy Man  Breathe Easy Man

Breathe Easy Man is the official clean air superhero for Illinois. Breathe Easy Man helps Illinois Partners for Clean Air at community and social events to help get the message out about improving air qualty.

Illinois Partners for Clean Air programs are directed by an active Steering Committee comprised of local organizations, businesses, and government agencies all dedicated to improving air quality.